Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another bulletin board and a necklace holder.

I have so many frames that I decided to do another frame project. Or should I say two frame projects. So I started by painting the frames with krylon oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I replaced the glass with foam board, which I covered with a piece of material. I made one frame into a bulletin board, which I stapled ribbon onto. I put thumb tacks at each section where the ribbon overlaps. I then hot glued a button onto each thumb tack. The other frame became a necklace holder which I added cup hooks to. So easy!

I have just one more frame project to try. Then I will move on to something new. I promise. :)


  1. That ORB is the greatest. What did you use for the background of the jewelry holder? It makes a nice contrast.

  2. I love that paint too. I used a piece of fabric over foam board for the background. Thanks Terry.